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It's about more than just malware these days – attackers bypass antivirus and other detection methods by concealing code with different file types and compressions.

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What's the Test?

Units Score Rating
PAN 500 (7.0.1) 5/18 Poor
Sophos SG135 (9.205-13) 12/18 Satisfactory
Sonicwall TZ215 ( 15/18 Satisfactory
Checkpoint 1100 (R75.20.69) 6/18 Poor
Meraki MX100 14/18 Satisfactory
FortiGate 500D (5.2.4) 18/18 Excellent
Sample platform results based on internal FortiGuard lab tests. Score results based on number of malware files identified out of 18 separate tests. Individual test results may vary.

Attackers get past security measures by hiding malware deep within compressed files. Unfortunately, most network security solutions are regularly fooled by this technique because they can’t analyze a file compressed with any format other than ZIP. There are a number of legitimate compression formats commonly used and easily opened by typical end users on most operating systems other than ZIP, such as:

  • TAR.GZ - compression which dominates the world of Linux
  • 7Z – a fast compression format growing in popularity
  • CAB - a standard Windows installer package compression format

This is a simple test to see if your network security will catch malware hiding in a compressed file.

  1. Two files are put into a folder; one file is EICAR (a standard anti-virus test file) and the second is a screenshot of a website taken in the last 5 minutes.
  2. Then the test compresses this folder into a file using different types and multiple levels of compression to obscure the contents.
  3. Finally you use this tool to send these files to yourself so you can see how well your security identifies the EICAR code within different types of files.

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What's the Next Step?

Fortinet’s FortiGate Next Generation Firewall and Unified Threat Management solutions with the FortiGuard AntiVirus service will protect your organization against malware hidden in compressed formats. Fortinet uses patented technology to look inside compressed files - even password protected ZIP files – to identify if they contain malware.

If your current security solution can’t identify malware within compressed file formats you can set your firewall to block those types of files from coming into your environment. This is an option but it will inconvenience your end users and could inspire the more technical of them to simply find a way to work around the system to get the files they want.

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